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The three benefits have been highlighted in the case as reducing ecommerce friction, incorporating a pay per call model and options available to eBay for cross marketing. The mentioned benefits are derived from the nature of Skype, its operations and the technology used by the company. By acquisition of Skype the eBay is able to use the innovative peer to peer sharing and communication technologies into its online business model.

The pay per call capability provided by Skype can enable the company to increase communication in the virtual market place between buyers and sellers. This increases the chance of a purchase taking place as the sellers can persuade the buyers, and the buyers themselves are more content and satisfied to know about their purchase before they finalize the del. Aside form this the VIOIP services would also enable the company to provide detailed information to those interested in the purchase of complex products online The cross marketing option would also enable the eBay business to capitalize on Skype’s presence outside US, where eBay is relatively less prominent.

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Essay: Benefits of e-Bay’s acquisition of Skype
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