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The airline companies have therefore taken the brand based management approach for their business operations and the pricing of their products and services.“Sony,Samsung,SingaporeAirlines,Toyotaand Cathay Pacific Airways, occupy the top spots in this year’s most admired poll. All of these companies have recognized that the power of their brands is dependent on every experience their customers have of them.

They understand that to have great advertising and lousy products is not going to build anything except customer disillusionment and frustration. To spend millions of dollars on a new identity but neglect staff training to support the promises made on behalf of a repositioned brand will deliver no more than a hefty bill.” (‘Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep’, 2004) amongst airlines the Singapore airlines received the highest percentage of votes for being the best brand with 7.8 percent of the votes in their favor.

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Essay: Branding by Airline Industry
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