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The vision of the Starbucks Company is “establish the company as the most recognized and respected brand in the world” (Baru et al., 2002)


The mission of the company and its enterprise strategy is to establish the company as a premium provider in the market for coffee and coffee based products while still maintaining the standards and principles of the business


  • The objectives and the guidelines devised by the Starbucks Company are as follows
  • To provide an excellent working environment for the human resource while respecting their rights
  • Embrace and promote diversity in the business
  • Adopt and retain highest level of standards for quality in purchasing, roasting as well as delivery of its products, i.e. coffee.
  • Increase and promote customer satisfaction
  • Contribute and provide for the community where the business operates in order to improve their living standards and provide them with facilities
  • Keep on introducing new products and innovative services for its customers in the various market segments.

The retail goals of the company pertain to becoming the leading retailer and brand for coffee in all the markets where the company operates. This is to be achieved through provision of superior quality products and excellent service quality. The company is employing the expansion into new markets strategy to increase the market in which it operates, the franchise operations are being employed by the company for its international operations.


The policies employed by the company include sharing information with its stakeholders and partners, developing innovative solution to the problems promoting environment health and using environmentally friendly products, and integrating the financial performance and growth of the company with environment sustainability strategy.

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Essay: Business Strategy of Starbucks Company
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