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The Malden Mills and factory suffered major infrastructure, equipment and financial in 1995 when a major portion of the factory complex burst to the ground, injuring 33 people in the fire while rendering 1000 of the 2800 workforce unable to work. In the days following the fire, Feuerstein made some basic humanitarian yet revolutionary decisions to compensate the victims of the fire, and help the workforce by helping the company reestablish itself.

Instead of laying off the workers and relocating to the south where operations could have been more profitable and easy to build, Feuerstein decided to keep on the employees while ensuring their pay as full time remuneration until the factory could restart and commence production again. In his decision Feuerstein decided to support his workers and their families through the difficult time by sharing his own wealth and propensity he gained from the business with his employees in the form of salaries and benefits, in turn garnering their support and loyalty to redevelop and reestablish the destroyed mill and factory to run again in a highly profitable manner. The efforts of Feuerstein paid of when only one month after the fire the burnt down plant started to report production of 200,000 yards a week as opposed to the 130,000 yards a week that it did before the fire. After 21 months of the fire, factory and the mill reopened to high level of profits from productions.

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Essay: Case Facts and Assumption; Malden Mills
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