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The threats that were imposed as a result of the fire pertained to cancelled orders and lost customers for which the shipments could not be provided due to fire loss. Another threat facing the company was the possibility of the company failing in the market as a result of no production and the resultant loss of reputation.

The challenges that were faced by the company were to keep the workforce loyal and committed to the company despite the loss of their jobs for the temporary period and the reestablishment of the business as a functional operation in a short period of time. The mill and the factory needed to be rebuilt and refurnished in order to make them functional. Moreover the company also needed to maintain the current positive reputation and good in the market as well despite the incident of the fire while contributing to the positive returns on the stake of the identified stakeholders. The prospective lay off of the employees due to the fire also presented a gloomy front as it meant unemployment on a massive scale in the region.

The opportunities that were available to the company as a result of the fire were to relocate to another region and commence operations which were more cost effective instead of redeveloping the old mill and factory. The company could start afresh with new staff and markets by abandoning the devastation of the fire.

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Essay: Challenges faced by Malden Mill
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