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China is one of the prime markets available to retailers operating on a global scale in the international market, however major retailers like Marks & Spencer as well as Wal-Mart have to face major problems in order to operate in the local Chinese market “A massive country,Chinalacks reliable transportation infrastructure in many areas, making it hard to move goods. Fresh produce is difficult to transport without refrigerated trucks.China’s size means a diversity of local tastes prevent retailers from stocking every store with identical products” (Fong et al., 2006)

In most cases the diversity issues in human resource management pertain to the racial, ethnic as well as gender based issues. While Wal-Mart does have a ethnicity and gender based issue in terms of its diversified workforce in theUnited States of Americaand in Europe, these will not be the factors which will effect Wal-Mart’s operations inChinaif the company is to start operating in the region.

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Essay: Challenges faced by Wal-Mart from China
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