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The topic pertaining toChinacompeting with Europe in the next hundred years would be feasible if substantial amount of information and research is available on the economies of China and Europe. In addition to this the forecast environment for business and the economies of the two regions need to be available for analysis of their future position. Currently this topic is not feasible however if the forecast is reduced to the nest 50 years instead of a 100 years then a comprehensive and realistic paper can be drawn up on the competing capability of China with Europe in the next fifty years.

A dissertation on the introduction and use of Enterprise Wide Resource Management in the company is a very feasible and practical topic. The reason for this is because of the easy availability of information which can be taken through the documented records of the company. Additionally the personnel in the company would be available for in-depth interviews about the use of the ERP system and the management of the enterprise. The scope of the topic however would be limited to the company only, making the results of the paper less generalize-able.

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Essay: China Vs Europe
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