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The leading companies in the automobile industry include the four main players in the global automobile market. These are as follows:

General Motors:

General Motors is an automobile manufacturer of American origin. The company has its headquarters inDetroitMichiganand is listed on theNew Yorkstock exchange. GM is involved in the designing, production and the marketing of its cars. The distribution is handled by the dealer network of the company around the world. “The company markets all its vehicles through approximately 7,000 GM vehicle dealers in theUS, 750 inCanada, and 300 inMexico. Additionally, GM operated approximately 15,800 distribution outlets throughout the rest of the world for vehicles manufactured by GM and its affiliates. These outlets include distributors, dealers and authorized sales, service, and parts outlets.” (‘Automobiles Industry Profile: Global’, 2008) General Motors operates through two segments of business. One is related to the automotive, which handles the automobile production and sale in the different regions of the world. The other segment pertains to the financial services, whereby the company provides funding, and final consultancy services to people in order to enable them to buy a car or lease it.

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Essay: Companies in Automobile Industry
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