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The case is about the international company Citrus Glow, which is facing a problem pertaining to the valuation of the company for the issuance of an initial public offering (IPO) in the market to increase the capital structure of the company. The Citrus Glow International is a company which launched the completely organic orange based cleaning agent by the name of ‘citrus glow’ into the market.

The company has since its initiation, increased its portfolio to include detergents, and cleaners for se in home as well as industrial places. The paper highlights the different techniques that can be used to value the company for an IPO and discusses the advantages and the disadvantages of the specific approached. The benefits of using an IPO to increase the capital structure of the company are also provided.

The situation that is presented in the case is that the company Citrus Glow International has grown considerably since its inception in 1984. Now in order to operate in the market and compete against the competitors who have started launching similar products as manufactured by Citrus Glow International into the market, the company needs to increase its capital structure to support the growing business and the expanding scale of its operations.

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Essay: Company Valuation of Citrus Glow
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