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The broadband internet on the other hand is easily and widely available to the consumer sand is much less complicated to use than the DSL internet. “Cable networks are simpler, and they can carry more information because cable was designed for broadcasting video signals” (Isenberg, 2000). It is fast and convenient for the consumer and allows them to stay connected on a continuous basis.

The main disadvantage however which is posed by the cable or broadband internet is that it is a shared link between consumers clustered together by the ISP. This increases the risk factor by increasing the threat of exposure to virus and hackers. Theoretically the speed of the Broadband is much faster as compared to DSL (Mitchell) but in the real world, the number of users sharing the broadband can considerably reduce the speed of the internet and the bandwidth available to the consumer. A research published in 2005 pointed out that “broadband service is becoming a utility, it isn’t as predictable and uniform in performance as the term suggests” (‘Internet Service Cable vs. DSL vs. dial-up’, 2005)

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Essay: Comparison of DSL and Broadband Internet
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