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The Stanford Prison Experiment by Zimbardo and The experiment by Reicher and Haslam were similar in nature and their context as they both involved the recruitment of volunteers who were randomly assigned to the roles of guards and prisoners. Similarly both the experiments then relocated the participants into a contained space which was staged as a prison. The prisoners were assigned new identities while the guards were provided anonymity and power of authority over controlling the prisoners as they saw fit.

The significant differences however which were present in the two experiments pertained to the role of the researcher in the experiment and the conclusions derived from them. The role of the researcher in the Stanford prison experiment was very active as Zimbardo himself took part in the experiment and was biased towards the guards. His role as the superintendent made him be against the prisoners which resulted in more aggression and oppression being faced by the prisoners in the experiment. The experiment by Haslam and Reicher did not involve the two researchers as they stayed separate form the experiment. This enabled them to keep a clear head and not form biases in their analysis of the experiment. Aside from this the experiment by Haslam and Reicher was documented by placing cameras in different location in the prison and constantly monitoring and observing the prisoners and the guards. The experiment by Zimbardo only randomly filmed the experiment enabling it to lack sufficient evidence and documentation for the extrapolation of results from the experiment.

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Essay: Comparison of Experiments in prison
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