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The competitive nature of the industry has increased customer expectation of quality and service standards, making any shortfall on part of the company to result in customer complaints. The airline industry is an extension of the hospitality industry form the point of view of service quality and customer satisfaction.

The quality of service in the industry is determined from the quality of the employees as well as the quality of he services which take the form of reservation setting, customer management, in-flight meals, baggage handling and customer attending. The topic to analyze the customer satisfaction and service quality for Singapore Airlines was chosen to determine the position of the company relative to its competition in the industry and to highlight the new developments that are being undertaken specific to the management of service and service quality which can be used by Singapore Airlines to further improve their product and service offering. Moreover the results can be generalized for the expectations of the customers form airlines and what is important to them when it comes to the service offering provided by the airlines in the global industry.

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Essay: Competition faced by Singapore Airlines
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