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The Toyota Motor Company has achieved competitive advantage in the industry for automotive products all around the world. The competitive nature of the business philosophy backed by the Toyota Production System enabled the company to reign over its German and American counterparts when it comes to providing the customers with a high quality automotive vehicle which is cost effective, cheap and easy to maintain, efficient in terms of fuel consumption and more suited to the needs of the consumer in the market. This is the main reason why the Japanese cars specifically those manufactured by Toyota are well received by majority of the countries throughout the world.

The advantages that are achieved by the company through the use of the Toyota Production System relate to the reduction of overheads and costs associated with wastage and management of inventory and the reduction of its holding costs. The combined benefit of cost reduction and controlled quality through continuous operations and improvement has provided the company with the advantage of producing more automotive vehicles in less period of time at reduced costs. Moreover as the independently managed stages of the production process as per the Toyota Production System provide flexibility of adapting the final product to the requirements of the customers, making the organization and its process much more receptive to the needs of the customers as opposed to American and German automobile manufacturers.

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Essay: Competitive Advantages of Toyota Production System
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