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The main competitors for HMV include the ASDA Group, Borders, Tesco Corporation, Virgin Group, WHSmith, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.,, Inc., Woolworth’s Group plc. Most of these companies have retail stores in the high streets of the markets as well as established online ecommerce sites as well. In the book trading business,, WHSmith and Woolworth’s are the market leaders with being the market leader in the ecommerce and online sales.

In the music and media business however the leaders are HMV as well as Virgin Groups. However with the changes made by Virgin to capture the online download market, the Virgin Group has an edge over HMV. It was also announced in 2007 that “Virgin Megastores will launch a high-profile online marketing campaign. To be handled by MG OMD, the campaign includes the takeover of major portals in support of the re-launching of the company’s Web site in late June 2007. The company, which faces competition from e-tailer rival HMV, has signed deals with AOL, Yahoo! and Virgin Digital for the use of their home pages. Promotions manager Stephen Lynn added, partnerships with Virgin’s sister companies Virgin Money and may be forged to broaden the company’s consumer base. Simultaneous affiliate campaigns for Virgin Megastores are being handled by Affiliate Window.” (‘Virgin Megastores backs site revamp with portal takeovers’, 2007)

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Essay: Competitor of HVM
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