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On a very high level the comprehensive results of the study from the literature review can be used by other airline companies to determine the innovations and the changes that they need to make in order to improve their service quality standards and increase the satisfaction level of their customers.  The primary research however is very specific to Singapore Airlines and cannot be generalized to other companies. Aside from this the respondents for the data gathering through questionnaire were contacted through two significantly different channels which could have resulted in a difference in the overall results of the questionnaire based survey research.

The future research that can be conducted on the topic pertains to determining the effect that consumer perception of the brand name have on the service level and quality of the airline companies and how this in turn can effect the customer satisfaction level. Other aspects of the study that can be further developed upon are the linkages of the mood and the standard of living of the customer which can have an effect on the customer satisfaction level from the services offered by an airline.

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Essay: Conclusion of Research on Singapore Airlines
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