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Conformity is not a new evolving concept; in fact it has been present in history for as long as humans have been in position of power. People have been confirming to groups as well as those in power and authority in order to be accepted by others and simply survive the situation to which they are forced to.

One of the examples of conformity in history pertains to the English Baptist women who were under persecution in the period of 1660 to 1688. “In the patriarchal class society of seventeenth-century England, the majority of the Baptist women belonged to the middle and lower classes. Baptist women in the roles of daughter, feme sole, feme covert, and widow took on these roles in largely the same manner as conforming women. Regarding women’s roles, the two main differences between Baptist and conforming women related to the regulations for marriage and poor relief. On a deeper level, theological convictions and religious conscience caused Baptist women to separate from the Church of England.

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Essay: Conformity Concept
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