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The research undertaken by Pool Gregory and Andria Schwegler based on the motivations and goals behind conformity for social roles was based on the evaluation and the comparison of two separate studies. The main three general motives which were identified through this study pertained to accuracy, self related as well as other independent motives.  “Study 1 found that measures of norms that identify specific motivational goals predicted behavior and intention better than did standard measures of social norms that consider only other-related motives for conformity. Study 2 investigated whether variations in the situational context are associated with alterations in motivational reasons for conforming to norms. Results indicated that one’s motives for conforming to norms are sensitive to situational constraints. The findings from both studies suggest that, when predicting normative influences on behavior, research should address multiple motives underlying conformity with social norms.” (Pool & Schwegler, 2007)

The reasons for conformity are many however Hirshleifer was able to provide for the informational cascade. He mentioned that while the human being seeks to be individual and unique, they tend to confirm to the social roles in order to seem available and desirable to others in the society. This is the main reason as to why the individuals conform to the different social roles based on the characteristics and the constructs in the society. “In a culture such as ours which has traditionally placed great value on the individual, simply following the herd may be characterized as weak, stupid etc. Whatever, the fact remains that most of us do go along with everyone else, or flared trousers and Afro haircuts would still be worn by many of us old hippies. There are very sound reasons for doing so, which we have internalized over millions of years of evolution” (‘Social Influence – Conformity’)

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Essay: Conformity for social roles
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