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Baptist women’s interpretation of their occupational roles and functions also demonstrated their dissent. Whereas Baptist women functioned similarly to conforming women in most occupations, like housewifery and other conventional employments, they dissented in their practice of writer, book trader, and midwife.” (Timmer, 2006)

Aside from this people are also willing to conform on the basis of the teachings provided to them by their religions, and the predominant people in the societies. In moist circumstances in the medieval periods, the people were obedient and willing to conform to the roles that were expected of them or even forced upon them as they believed themselves to be working for the church or for the King and the holy land. Many of the crusades and holy wars have been fought on the same principle. Similarly a more recent example in history is that of the Jonestown Massacre where almost 900 individuals committed mass suicide while conforming to the will and the order of the cult leader Jim Jones.

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Essay: Conformity in Socio-historic Context
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