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Conformity to different social roles can be caused due to pressures by external parties as well as change in the preferential attitudes if an individuals. The society can influence the individual in terms of his/ her conformity though the social structure of the society and the roles that arise in the different social situations for the individual. The genetic influence takes the form of confirming to the roles based on their ability to undertake different tasks and positions, like individuals taking on roles of singers, dancers and athletes. In this context an individual can also take on multiple social roles as well.

The characteristics that influence social roles include the norms and behavior. The norms are the guidelines according to which social behavior is expected to be carried out. The norms are the reason as to why individuals might be forced into thinking they are supposed to conform to specific cultural and social roles on the basis of expectations of others in the same society. Some individuals however tend to restrain themselves from the influence of norms by standing for freedom.

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Essay: Conformity to Social Roles
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