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The criticism of the experiment pertained to the experiment bordering on unethical practices, the exploitation of the rights of the volunteers acting as prisoners as well as the forced mistreatment of the prisoners at the hands of the guards. The nature of the experiment deemed it as impractical. The experiment cannot be extrapolated in today’s worlds, where the Psychology ethics would deem it as immoral and unscientific. Aside from this the fact that the researcher, Zimbardo was also heavily involved in the experiment while taking biased sides, as a result the role of the researcher is highly criticized.

Other criticism for the experiment pertained to the fact that the participants in the experiments based their expected behavior under the role playing on the general stereotypes of guards and prisoners as promoted by the media, The role playing was therefore based on conformity to different expected roles, making the experiment inconclusive with no strong background to support it.

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Essay: Criticism on Zimbardo’s experiment
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