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The mock prison that was used in the Stanford prison Experiment by Zimbardo was set up under the Jordan Hall at Stanford with a research assistant was the appointed the warden while the superintendent role was undertaken by Zimbardo himself. Twenty four participants were divided into the roles of prisoners and guards. The guards were assigned khaki uniforms the like of military uniforms as well as wooden batons and were asked to wear black sunglasses to cover their eyes in order to avoid the eye contact between the prisoners and the guards and increase the factor of dissatisfaction and the element of a masked stranger.

The prisoners on the other hand were forced to wear muslin smocks without undergarments which were ill fitting and contusive to discomfort amongst them. They were also asked to wear chains in their necks as part of accessories and were assigned numbers to restrict their identity. The whole costume that was worn by the prisoners was aimed at making the volunteers acting as prisoners realize the desperation and the oppression felt by real prisoners.

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Essay: Discussion of the Experiment by Zimbardo
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