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The DSL and The Broadband internet are similar in terms of their functionality and the service provided to the customers; however they are significantly different when it comes to their characteristics. The DSL provides its customers with a constant high speed internet with very high bandwidth and a dedicated line. The broadband on the other hand provides easy and continuous access to the consumers and is widely available in most regions.

The advantages that are presented by the DSL internet pertain to the fact that the consumers are provided a dedicated link and link for internet usage. These results in a private and less risky medium which is more secure from hackers as compared to cable or broadband internet. In addition to this the consumers have a choice of links and bandwidths when it comes to DSL. “Unlike cable, DSL is usually available in multiple flavors at different price points. Your choices include ADSL, in which upload speeds are slower than downloads; SDSL, where upstream and downstream speeds are the same; and IDSL, which overlays a DSL connection on ISDN.” (Spanbauer, 2001)

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Essay: DSL and Broadband Internet
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