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The DSL has specific disadvantage which pertain to lower bandwidth and speed of the internet and the restriction of the service to thickly settled urban and suburban areas as DSL links are supposed to be located with 18,000 feet from the telecommunication company providing the DSL internet service. Other disadvantages pertain to additional phone charges, installation and set up of complex hardware and the relatively high costs.

The comparison of the DSL and the broadband internet depicts that DSL is more costly and highly secure, offering lower bandwidth and internet speed, while the cable or broadband internet is based on a shared link therefore less secure and more open to outside parties like hackers. However it is more convenient for the consumer and provides high bandwidth and speed at lower costs while enabling them to have 24 hour connectivity. This provides that the DSL lines are much better suited for consumers who are professionals or businesses who need a dedicated link for their use. The broadband internet is more suitable for the general users in the market who mostly use the internet for leisure, work as well as downloading and streaming purposes.

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Essay: DSL Vs Broadband Internet
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