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E-procurement is basically computerizing the process of the procurement for any business. In e-procurement, the business to business and the business to customer interactions for the procurement of supplies and raw materials for a business are conducted through online transactions and electronic data interchange and the enterprise resource planning systems. The model for the interactions conducted through the electronic data interchange for e-procurement can vary depending on the requirements of the parties and the business. They can range for bid based transactions to the discounted offering and special rates for special clients and customers.

E-procurement is supported by an electronic application which runs on the concepts of a supply chain/ value chain system. The procurement activities can be conducted through many types of e-procurement. The main six types however include options pertaining to using a web based ERP system. In this the procurement acquisitions and requisitions are conducted through the ERP system. The e-MRO option is similar to the ERP option but allows the business to order the management, repair and operating supplies which are not relevant to the product. The e-sourcing option enables the business to identify new suppliers for different category of purchases. The e-tendering allows for sending requests to the suppliers in the online market and receiving their proposals. The e-informing option allows the business to gather data and information from the internal as well as the external parties that are involved in the e-procurement.

The main activities/ tasks that are associated with e-procurement pertain to indent management, tender management, auctions, vendor management as well as the management of contracts and catalogues.

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Essay: E-Procurement
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