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It can be stated that online retailing is the future is definitely the future of retailing, however significant investment in technology, business processes, relationship building and management of the retail business is still required to make e-tailing more mainstream in the region of Hong Kong.

Research studies undertaken on the service level of the online retailers and the satisfaction and loyalty of the customers on the internet with the e-tailers have provided that customers value online retailers that deliver the product safe and sound on time, are willing to cater to the demands of the customers, are prepared to address the problems of the customer as and when they occur as well interaction level that is offered on the website of the e-tailers (Collier & Bienstock, 2006).  Based on this it can be derived that for operating successfully on the internet, food and non food based online retailers would have to understand the needs and the requirements of the customers in order to meet their expectations. The e-tailers would need to invest in a CRM based technology that allows them to track the purchase and the shopping behaviour of the customers to better understand them and comprehend their needs.

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Essay: E-Retailing Operations in Hong Kong
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