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As mentioned earlier, ecommerce is the exchange of information over the internet for the purpose of business. The transactions usually take the form of selling or trading of products and goods. The music industry, as observed in the past few years, has been incrementally going online in terms of its sales, its operations and its interaction with the customers. The music industry has a wide range of customers who want access to music depicts the boundaries of their political states and countries. The ecommerce option in these cases provides the customer with access to music, anytime, anywhere. Aside from this the customers also seek portability and convenience when it comes to music and media, and the online ecommerce option is able to provide them with the required benefits.

The HMV music stores in terms of the physical retail sales as well as in terms of their online sales have been extensively loosing profits for their operation. This is because of the increase in taxes, the increased competition in the online market as well as the changing consumer interests and trends. “According to HMV their financial problems are being attributed to decreasing compact disc sales and its market share being taken by supermarkets and online retailers. HMV is reportedly planning to enhance its online delivery platforms and tailor its inventory for specific outlets.” (Koranteng, 2007)

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Essay: Ecommerce Proposition by HVM
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