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It has been determines that the HMV company has to change its ecommerce website, making it more customized for its customers as well as streamline its technical problems pertaining to unloadable pages, corrupted inks and other website repairs. The company also needs to provide the customers with downloadable music and media tracks which can be loaded onto independent portable media players.

The company also needs to change its image as per its current ecommerce website. This is because while the content on the website is aimed at a wider audience with an age range of 18 to 45, the aesthetics and the outlook of the site is more appropriate to the younger generation of 18-25 year olds. As the 18 to 24 aged market downloads 84 percent of the online music, the 60 plus downloading only 7 percent, the needs to increase its younger segment of the market, while aiming for an increase in all segments as well. For this the company can provide a specific/ customized portal for the young generation/ customers while a generic portal can be used for the rest of the segments targeted by the company.

Additionally the company can also form collaborative agreements for business with Microsoft MySpace and Facebook to promote its services and offer its products to the customers through the platform of market place in these communities.

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Essay: Ecommerce Recommendations for HMV
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