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Economic Environment

The automobile industry is one of the main contributors of the economies of the various countries. InAmerica specifically, it form s the backbone of the economy. For every one person employed in the automobile industry, it provides on average jobs to 7-20 people in the linked and associated industries.

Technological Environment

The internet as well as the communications technology have greatly impacted the way business is conducted. This is applicable to the automobile industry as well where the process flows and the operations have been greatly influenced and changed by the incremental development in communications technology. Moreover due to the new technology available, it is possible for the companies to produce hybrid cars which can run on alternative fuel, and are highly efficient in terms of energy consumption. On the other hand the information technology has made the automobile industry more competitive as the customers can easily check up on automobile advancements, new products launched on the internet and compare them against those being manufactured by various companies.

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Essay: Economic & Technological Environment of Automobiles
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