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Bar-coding is conducted on individual items to track their origin which has to be printed on their packaging,. This can be difficult as well as time consuming with increased costs. The RFID technology allows the retailers to use chips instead of barcodes for tracking their orders in bulk as well as in individual items. Moreover RFID chips can be reused unlike the barcode which decreases the costs associated with suing RFID instead of barcodes for managing and tracking merchandise for the fashion retailers.

The RFID technology can also enable the fashion retailers in the industry accurately track their orders from the suppler end to the receipt of the shipments to their stores. The individual items locked with RFID can be tracked in real time leading to accurate recording of the stock in transit while also providing ac complete picture of the goods shipped, dispatched and received in the real time. Aside from this the fashion retailer can also benefit from minimal chances of stock outs as the RFID technology can enable the retailers to contact the suppliers for automatic procurement ordering when the current stock reaches a minimal level.

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Essay: ECR supported by RFID
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