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This depicts that the HR practice of a company that are employed by a service based organization can positively as well as negatively affect the service quality perceived by the customers.

Research has also indicated that airlines, specifically those who are ranked by the customers as the best in terms of their service quality and product deliverance are increasingly making use of technological innovation and marketing strategies to provide a highly differentiated and premium travel experience to their customers. “Etihad Airways and Emirates Airline are offering high-quality food and service in flight, as well as perks like chauffeured rides to the airport and hotel meals on the ground. Seats that convert into beds are increasingly common. Cathay Pacific Airways, Singapore Airlines and Air New Zealand are also offering luxury” (Everson & Meckler, 2006) These services are mostly being provided by the Asian Pacific and Middle Eastern Airlines, as opposed to the European and the American Airlines.

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Essay: Employee concerns by Airline Companies
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