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It needs to be noted that the specific type of employee involvement and management that is employed through the Toyota Productions System is very much suited to the culture and the tradition of the Japanese people. The Toyota Productions System requires the employees to follow all the rules which are dictated and a pre described and provided code of behavior has to be observed down to the very detailed specifics.

Moreover as has been seen  with the management of Toyota, the rules provided to the workers and the employees involved in the production, procurement and supply system are vague resulting in a blame shifting mechanism being made available to the company management which can exploit this to turn the blame of negligence on to the laborers. “Toyotaconsiders that the foundation for competitive strength is ensuring that every employee understands and accepts theToyota Way, and that it is necessary to expend much effort towards this end. For this purpose,Toyotahas established a comprehensive in-house system of education and training, covering all aspects of labour–management relations and HRM. However, the Toyota Way’s own characteristics exacerbate difficulties of transferral to US and European companies” (Masaki, 2006) A system similar to the Toyota Production System is not feasible in the west or in other automotive companies where the employees are more receptive to their civil rights and are not as obedient as the workers in the region of China and Japan.

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Essay: Employee Management at Toyota
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