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The technical training requirements pertain to training the supply and procurement staff/ agents at the company to use the system. Their computer and technical skills pertaining to the system need to be enhanced to make them capable to use their systems.

The hardware and software requirements which will be arising pertain to the ERP system for the management of the business operations, a supply chain management module which highlights procurements activities as well. This should enable internet based e-procurement activities. Aside from this a server based Windows platform will be required to run the ERP and e-procurement systems on the desktops. The hardware requirements pertain to sourcing the Laptops, desktop computers as well as establishing a centralized server with a data repository with data warehousing capability.

Aside from this e-procurement system will have to be monitored and evaluated for repairs and performance. Benchmarks can be made against the performance of the competitors to establish performance objectives and goals.

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Essay: ERP and e-procurement systems
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