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The information technology based on enterprise wide management systems and data warehousing can enable the business to better management the supply chain system, as when the company is operating on being lean and using the Toyota production System principles, large amount of data is generated which can be burdensome for the management of the supply chain management and highly confusing for the management.

However by establishing links in the data and integrating it in a data warehouse, the information can be positively used to benefit the company and provide it a competitive advantage. “Visibility across the supply chain is more than the visibility of the dispirited systems. It is the ability to also get detailed data. Looking at summarized data is okay, says Arduino, “but in order to solve your business problems, you have to be able to drill down, to really identify and get to the point of cause. I say point of cause and not root cause because root cause is something that somebody has to do to fix something. The point of cause guides you to the area.”” (Haight, 2003)

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Essay: ERP implemented at Toyota
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