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The slogan employed by the company is to ‘imagine, integrate and innovate’ which used by the company to achieve its vision, mission and set strategic objectives. The Estee Lauder Companies use technology and innovation as part of the operations of the company to development superior reputation for themselves that pertains to elegance, luxury and extremely good quality.

The company and seek to uphold the finest possible standards of excellence when it comes to providing the customers with its good s and services. The company seeks to understand its customers and the target market to comprehend their diverse needs.

The company is extensively involved in the research and development of products which fulfill the skin care, hair care, perfume and make up needs of its target markets.

The developed vision for the company is to favorably position the company as the best in the field of personal care providing high quality products and services to the customers, based on their personal care needs.

The developed mission of the company is to use innovation in operations and research and developments in order to provide relevant products and services to the customers while operating in a socially responsible manner.

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Essay: Estee Lauder Company
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