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The experiment by Haslam and Reicher was divided into four groups as per the content and the purpose of the experiment. The first phase pertained to the conflict between the guards and the prisoners on the basis of the different roles they had to play in the experiment and the effects the roles were having on the volunteers. The order phase provided how the guards were trying to control the prisoners through punishments and pressure. The rebellion phase depicted how the prisoners openly rebelled against the treatment of the guards instead of simply being obedient and subservient to the treatment being subjected on them by the guards. The fourth phase of the experiment dealt with the tyranny inflicted by the guards who used aggressively oppressive measures to contain the prisoners and their rebellion.

The experiment by Haslam and Reicher was designed by specifically keeping the ethical considerations of the experiment in mind. For this purpose a formal ethical approval was recruited from the University of Exeter. Aside form this the BBC company was also made responsible for putting safeguards in place in the experiment in order to protect the volunteers and the participants of the experiment against any short and long term psychological damage. These safeguards pertained to monitoring the activities taking place in the experiment, using professional psychologists for any damage, and creation of an ethic committee which would determine when the experiment should be stopped prematurely on the basis of violation of the ethical rights of the people in the experiment or in indication of long terms psychological damage on the participants.

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Essay: Experiment by Haslam and Reicher
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