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Customer satisfaction is highly dependent on the service quality employed in the company, the role of the management pertaining to the service quality and the continued innovation and improvements made to maintain the service level standards. “A company which employs satisfied employees is more likely to satisfy its customers than one where employees are unhappy. Firms which satisfy their internal customers are most likely to be the ones where external customers are satisfied, too. Successful firms charge managers and support staff with the key task of helping front-line employees to please the customer.” (‘Executive summary and implications for managers and executives’, 2000)

A study undertaken by Natalia and Subroto highlighted the effect of the management and its commitment to the customer satisfaction experienced by the customers. The results of the study depicted that “five dimensions of service quality positively affected the customers’ level of satisfaction, and among those dimensions. assurance has the strongest effect on the level of customers satisfaction. The customers’ levels of satisfaction or dissatisfaction were not differentiated by price and personal variables, but rather by other variables, like 1) the customers perception of service quality. 2) the appropriation between the service quality and the external communication, and 3) the situational variable. The situational variable proved to be the differentiating variable in the level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction for business segment customers.”  (Natalisa & Subroto, 2003)

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Essay: Factors determining customer satisfaction
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