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The sales for the first year of operations are expected to be limited with 100,000 items being sold, however the following years will see an increase in the sales of the company with forecasted sales volumes of 100,000 units in 2009, 250,000 units in 2010, 350,000 units in 2011, and 500,000 units in 2012. The company will also target to attain 5 percent of the market share in the first year of its operations in the market for timepieces, which would increase to 12 percent in 2012. The costs that would be incurred by the company for its operations however would be significantly high as the company would be acquiring a dealer network in the region to commence its operations in the region.

A separate business management team would be dedicated for the company’s operations in the Czech Republic. This team would be responsible for establishing the company in the region as ell as to guide the acquired company for achieving the goals and objectives set by the Quartz Company for its operations in the Czech Republic. A separate human resource, marketing, operations and financial division will be set up for Czech Republic along with a dedicated customer service centre. A flag ship store will be opened in the capital Prague to establish the position of the brands sold by the Quartz Company.

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Essay: Financial Evaluation of Quartz Company
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