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The finding which was revealed through the subject study and ha a significant impact on the utilization theory in terms of its use and conclusiveness was that the employment of concurrent reviews had been increasing between the first and the second year in which the study was conducted. The number of concurrent reviews in this period was exceptionally high and the rate of admission acceptance was also staggeringly high. Therefore in the period the rate of admission rejection and denial was very low at just one percent for most cases.

The lack of the denials or the rejections by the medical facilities and hospitals for admission depicts that there was an agreement reached between the patient and the medical facility provider. This agreement pertained mostly due to the appropriateness, the nature as well as the suitability of the medical facility, the treatment procedure etc. for the patient as well as the medical service provider. The 99 percent approval rate and the present agreement between the two parties provide that this scenario has taken place because of the change in the language and literature used to communicate with the patients. The more supportive and customer oriented approach of communicating with the customer influences the agreement between the patient and the medical facility to be positive. Moreover the standardization as well as the automation of the process through an MIS also results in the agreement, between the patient and medical facility and care provider, to be positive. However the policy for insurance is not directly or significantly affected to derive a change through the above mentioned trend.

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Essay: Finding on the review of utilization theory
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