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The findings of the study depicted that there was no evidence or indication as to whether the guards in the experiment confirmed to the natural role as expected by guards in such a situation. Aside from this the prisoners also depicted a shared identity amongst themselves which resulted in increased resistance to the guards.

The subsequent breakouts and rebellious behavior on part of the prisoners against the guard resulted in a governing commune being set up by the prisoners themselves. However this was also not long standing regime as additional internal tensions were created amongst the previously joint community of the prisoners. In the end the prominent and strong positioned people amongst the guards and the prisoners formed a contract according to which they wanted to rule the prisoners in terms of much harsher and stricter lines.

The controversy which surrounded the experiment by Haslam and Reicher was initiated by Phillip Zimbardo who challenged the need for the experiment and mentioned that the previous experiment conducted by him was conclusive in nature. Haslam and Reicher on the other hand did not agree with Zimbardo and based their experiments ion the experiment set up by Zimbardo stating that the experiment by Zimbardo was not conclusive and theoretically plausible and backed by solid evidence. Deriving from the theory of social identity, the basis of resistance and tyranny were focused upon by Haslam and Reicher in their experiment.

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Essay: Findings of the experiment by Haslam and Reicher
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