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The dynamicity of using the same production line with integrate-able cluster based units allows the company to have a competitive advantage over its counterparts when it comes to rolling out different types of automotive vehicles in a cost efficient manner. Black in his article depicts how the in Toyota Productions System the production lines can be adjusted for manufacturing different products at the same time.

“In redesigning the mass production system, they changed the final assembly into a mixed model final assembly system to level the demand on their suppliers, converted the linear subassembly lines into U-shaped subassembly cells and redesigned the job shop into manufacturing cells. Final assembly operates with a TAKTe, and the cells are designed to have a cycle time slightly less than the TAKTe and to operate on a ‘make one, check one and move one on’ (MO-CO-MOO basis). Single-cycle machine tools are used with built-in devices to check parts (poka-yokes). Between the machines are devices (decouplers) designed to assist the standing, walking workers producing the parts in the manufacturing cells.” (Black, 2007)

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Essay: Flexible Assembly Line at Toyota Productions System
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