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While the flexible manufacturing does have its strong points, it can have certain disadvantages as well. The main disadvantage that has been quoted earlier is the mismanaged and exploitation of the human resource which tends to occur In the Toyota Company. This is mostly due to the negligence of the management and the improper guidance provided to the workers on part pf the management. The Toyota Productions System makes use of a highly skilled workforce which is supposed to operate on a continuous basis in order to enable the continuous flow of the assembly and the production lines.

Moreover they are provided additional responsibility in terms of managing their time, their operations and handling the maintenance and repairs of any machinery and equipment which is under their job description or being used by them. This added stress along with the fast paced of operations tends to burn out the workforce. “Flexible manufacturing sounds like a good idea, for it requires each worker to use a number of skills in the course of the day. But it also makes working with fast line speeds more dangerous, because it increases the overall time necessary to finish the day’s quota. Sometimes the employees are required to work on products they don’t make often and for which they have received little training, and this, too, creates safety problems.” (Mehri, 2006, p34)

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Essay: Flexible manufacturing in Toyota Production Systems
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