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Network security is highly important for people who use the network at home, for the purpose of business and the network that is being used in corporations. This is because identity theft in the internet through the illegal access of person identification and credit card information on the internet. According to FTC identity theft has increased multifold in the past years. “The most common FTC complaint involved credit card fraud, with 50 percent of consumers complaining of credit cards opened in their name or similar activities, according to an FTC statement.” (Barnes, 2000) The impact of such fraud and illegal activity on the net can drive the corporations as well as the people using the network at home and for the purpose of the business to face heavy setbacks in terms of financial loss.

Aside from this the hackers and pranksters on the internet are increasing becoming a nuance, in fact the internet users who have little knowledge about the threat hackers and viruses can be to their systems, when using the internet make the internet a hackers dream (Leon, 2000). They can release viruses of such nature that make the recovering of information as well as the hardware connected to the internet virtually impossible in some cases in the event of a virus attack.

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Essay: Focusing on Network Security
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