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Social and Cultural Forces

The demographic aspects of the social and the cultural environment are of importance as the products that are manufactures and sold by the company are consumer by the consumers over the span of their life as per their ;life cycle stage. However as the population is aging and the demand for younger looking skin increases, Estee Lauder needs to expand its product line for catering to the requirements of the older customers. Moreover as the company caters to diverse markets around the world, the company needs to adhere to their different social and cultural norms regarding personal care. The level of income and the demographics of the customers in these markets need to be accounted for as well.

Political and Legal Forces

As Estee Lauder operates in multiple markets around the world and as a result is effected by the political conditions and the legal environments in their regions of operations. The company has to adhere to the tax laws, trade tariffs as well as regulations regarding trade. The growth of the region of operation and its political/ legal situation has to be accounted for by the company

Technological Forces

The technical developments in the filed of communication like the internet as well as the technology used for Research and Development both influence the operations of the company. The technological changes can effect the way research and developments is conducted by the company while the advancing internet technology and the growing online market enables the company to provide its products and services to its customers trough  the internet channel.

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Essay: Forces facing Estee Lauder
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