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The Ford Motor Company is another large automobile manufacturer form America which is one of the three giants of the automobile sector. The company is one of the oldest companies operating in the industry and has its headquarters in Dear born USA. The company is listed on theNew Yorkstock exchange and is the distributor of automobile and automotive vehicles in over 200 markets all around the world.

The core brands which form the portfolio of the Ford Motor Company include brands like Volvo, Ford, Jaguar, Range Rover as well as Mazda and Mercury. The Ford Motor Company also operates through two business divisions which include the automotive division and the financial services divisions. “The automotive business division consists of the design, development, manufacture, sale and service of cars, trucks and service parts. Through this segment, Ford produces a wide range of vehicles including cars for the small, medium, large and premium segments; trucks; buses/vans (including minivans); full-size pickups; sport utility vehicles and vehicles for the medium/heavy segments. The company’s automotive business is organized into two primary segments:Americas; Ford Europe Premier Automotive Group; and Ford Asia Pacific and Africa/Mazda.” (‘Automobiles Industry Profile: Global’, 2008) The financial services division is responsible for providing customers with the relevant line of credit known as ford credit to enable them to afford and buy a Ford car.

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Essay: Ford Motor Company
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