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After the immense success of the Toyota Company in capturing the American automobile market the Ford motor company also launched a program to use the just in time approached used by the Toyota Production System. In order to do this the company shifted its procurement management to the just in time model but faced losses in terms high costs of maintenances of the system, the highly skilled human resource needed and the extensive delegation of authority and responsibility to the lower staff and factory workers which is required to increase autonomy.

This was mostly due to the fact that the company did not invest time and resources in comprehending the Toyota production System and adjusting it to the operations of the Ford Motor Company. Moreover in order to implement a revolutionary system like the Toyota Productions System, a company needs to perform business process reengineering which highlights the flaws in the current production system of the company and provides the relevant changes that can be made. The redesigning if the production and procurement process enables the company to better fit the just in time approach as well as the Toyota Production System concepts. In some cases the production process needs to be divided into sub parts while in other cases, it might be possible to simply eliminate some of the tasks being performed in the production system which are redundant and not adding value to the end product. “The production processes must be redesigned to allow a more balanced production flow. The output rate of certain machines needs to be speeded up where feasible, while the output rate of other machines must be slowed down in order to have the output more in line with the production requirements. The redesign of the machinery line is analogous to the balancing of an assembly line.” (Pegel, 1984, p8)

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Essay: Ford Motors Vs Toyota Company
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