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Bacharach and Bamberger (2007) have conducted a study to determine the relationship that exists between the organizational behavior, and the functional relationship in the organization. It’s a study ofNew York Cityfiremen in the aftermath of the events of 9/11. It’s interesting and important in its own right, and also provides excellent examples of variable operationalization and hypothesis formulation. Based on the 9/11 incident, the study explores the impact that involvement has in events of crisis, catastrophe or emergency. The aim of the research was to determine the role played by stress or situation on the behavior of humans and how they work.

The model presented in the research is based on the revelations of the traumatic stress literature and depicts that “there is likely to be systematic variation in individual stressor-strain relationships over work units, variation likely to be at least partially explained by variation in the current (i.e., postevent) support and control climates of the work units.” (Bacharach and Bamberger, 2007) The research provides that the post traumatic stress is directly linked with the involvement of a person in a critical situation and the emotional well being of the person at the time. The basis was formed as the it was discovered that the in most cases the severe mental health issues that occurred were due to the negative emotional state of the person and would develop as long after the traumatic incident as up to 7 months. Moreover as the nature of the mental health deficiencies can be highly volatile and variable in terms of the behavior of the person, the research concludes by recommending learned facts on how to control and manage the behavior to make it less distressing and more normal.

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Essay: Functional relationship in Organization
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