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When planning a site, it is important to ensure that the consumer can easily navigate their way from the product to the checkout, explains Solomon Degia, ecommerce manager at HMV. Another important factor in ecommerce is access in online retail.” (Brooks, 2007) Therefore in order to differentiate and offer better quality of value added services the companies are forming integrative and association based ecommerce sites. These ecommerce sites have live feeds in communities and forums like MySpace, Facebook as well as in blogs. IN the future due to this integrative technology the customers in the communities will be able to share and ‘gift’ music to each other which will be hosted and provided by the music vendors. Virgin has already taken the initiative in this market and HMV would be proactive to do the same.

The key success factors that are important to mark the success of a website in the online world pertain to developing a creative and innovative website for ecommerce which is customized for the customers and is updated at regular intervals. Moreover as the internet medium is not very secure form malicious third parties, there also needs to be infrastructure and firewalls set up to protect the ecommerce website as well as the customer data collected from malicious tampering. Additionally the business needs to increase the promotion through online as well as traditional marketing medium to boost the exposure of the ecommerce website and build traffic. Specific website promotion tools and strategies can be employed. Moreover the business also needs to evaluate the traffic at the site and store customer information in a CRM for research purposes. This will enable the company to be proactive as well as provide the customers with what they want in an efficient manner.

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Essay: Future Trends in Ecommerce for HMV
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