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The HMV group has been able to increase its revenue and sales in 2007 by launching a revamped ecommerce site for its online operation. As a result the company received a 200 percent increase from growth in sales from ecommerce sites for HMV as well as Waterstone’s. However for the music website the HMV Company still faced the same problem. “The fundamental problem remains – the method of delivering recorded music is changing and the same will soon be true for DVDs and perhaps books as well.” (Hall, ‘Reducing the Impact of E-Commerce’)

The traffic online in terms of ecommerce and trading websites is growing at an exponential rate as most business want to take advantage of the benefits that ecommerce has too offer. As a result there is increasing competition for standalone ecommerce sites. “The booming e-commerce activities inGreat Britainhave prompted retailers to boost their online presence or enter the market. According to latest statistics, online sales worth £3.47 billion were posted for April 2007, a 55% growth in the Interactive Media in Retail Group index. However, in the rush to get online, retailers often forget about merchandising their online store and the fact that the journey a prospect takes via a website is as significant as the journey that got them there.

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Essay: Future Trends in Ecommerce; HMV Group
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