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The company has a history of mergers and acquisitions and despite the established name of the brand, the company still is undervalued in the market. As a result the company tends to remain under the constant threat of takeovers and biddings. ‘“In July 2007, HMV Group agreed to sell its HMV Japan business, which operates 62 stores and through the website, to DSM Investments catorce Co., Ltd. In the same month, Gerry Johnson appointed as an Executive Director of the group.” (‘HMV Group’, Data Monitor Company Profile)

Initially the company used to only operate through its retail stores in the high street markets. However in the past few years, the company has established websites for its business as well resulting in the three main ecommerce based websites,, and These handle the books as well as the music business for the company. The Music business is carried out by HMV through its retrial stores as well as through the online website while the book trading business is carried out by Waterstone’s through its own respective retail outlets and its separate website. The report however deals mainly with the music business of HMV and how ecommerce solution can enable the company to attain a competitive edge in the market while establishing itself more strongly with the consumers.

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Essay: History of HMV Company
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