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The fact that damaged products being delivered and poor service quality has put off consumers form e-tailing in the region as they are unable to return the damaged goods and run a high risk when purchasing online through credit cards instead of cash. The structuring and the establishment of a feasible yet reliable logistics model is another hurdle that is widely faced by the e-tailers in China and Hong Kong.

This is due to the large distances that need to be covered in order to cater to the target market. As a result most e-tailers only limit their operations to the metropolitan cities in the region.  “The Chinese government has taken note of the potential growth of online purchases, with the inclusion in 2007 of a strategy for e-commerce development inChina’s 11th Five-Year Plan. That section focuses on developing the e-commerce industry on a grand scale. But it is the participants in the private sector, businesses and consumers, who ultimately will be the driving force needed to expandChina’s retail e-commerce.” “Although Internet usage inChinahas boomed over the past ten years, the nation’s retail e-commerce is still in start up mode, particularly compared to theUnited States.” (Peters, 2008)

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Essay: Hong Kong implementing E-tailing
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